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Airflow in an extraction system starts at the inlet.

We offer bespoke inlet design and fabrication to suit all machinery types and processes with attention to particle trajectory and capture velocities, to ensure the highest possible dust capture characteristics for the extraction system.

Once the inlet design is complete, a correctly sized duct system is vital to ensure efficient conveying of air/material to the dust collector without material drop out and blockages in ducts caused by low air velocity.

An IES fan and dust collector complete the system providing excellent extraction rate and efficient filtration of the extracted air.

We then concentrate on waste handling from the dust collector. An important part of the process which often neglected, is a source of a secondary dust problem. Waste disposal options including bin and skip collection, bulk hopper collection and dense phase conveying system to other hoppers are all solutions we are able to provide.

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  • Comprehensive design of the inlets to the duct system, an important design consideration often overlooked – we do not just connect to spigots on machinery or provide a flexible duct inlet, we offer the complete design service with bespoke inlets as required.

  • IES modular duct system that is adaptable and quick to erect and change. With the turned edge design, it is easy to alter the system with minimal tools and without having to purchase additional rolled edge spigots etc.

  • Low noise fan units providing powerful extraction performance.

  • Modular dust collectors with or without explosion protection (dependent upon dust type).

  • Cyclone separators

  • Waste handling systems to suit your process.

  • Extraction system sizes from 5,000-100,000 m3/hr.

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