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Industrial Fans

With multiple ranges on offer from clean air systems for drying etc, material handling and dense phase conveying systems, we have a fan to suit your requirements. Most of our fans are designed to offer low noise characteristics, typically having larger diameter rotors that rotate slower to achieve or surpass similar performance levels of other manufacturers fans.


The IES range of direct drive fans are designed for heavy duty applications and feature a unique square casing design that allows multiple discharge configuration from the same fan allowing the fan to be re-used or repositioned should it be necessary to suit plant alterations. As an integral part of any extraction system, the fan unit is part of the system that most people comment on being too noisy. All our fans are designed to negate this aspect of a majority of extraction systems with larger rotors that spin slower.


  • Materials handling and clean air fans.

  • Roof & wall mounted fans for general ventilation.

  • Heavy duty design with 3mm minimum casing thickness and rotors made of a combination of 5mm and 10mm steel.

  • Wear resistant rotors available for high wear material handling

  • Efficient performance with low noise characteristics

  • Direct drive design offers high efficiency performance and low energy consumption coupe with high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Unique square case design allows one fan to be used with multiple discharge configurations

  • Standard enamel painted finish with powder coated and stainless-steel options for corrosive environments.

  • 2.2kw through to 75kw units available


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