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Fume can be generated from a wide variety of processes and we pay particular attention to how the fume is generated and the best to capture it and expel it from the workplace either directly to atmosphere or through an abatement system.


Utilising either an LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) system design or general ventilation system, we typically use equipment from our fan and duct ranges to build the system with the ability to design and install activated carbon abatement systems, wet scrubber units, mist separators etc.


Our range of roof fans and ventilators are used to provide general extraction for buildings requiring air change rates to be maintained to remove fume that cannot be viably captured at source.

  • LEV ‘at source’ or general ventilation systems.

  • Activated carbon, wet scrubbers and mist separators.

  • Bespoke inlet designs – overhead canopies, down draught benches and tables, push-pull systems.

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